API Errors

Understand the API errors.

If your CleverTap API request fails, you will receive an error response, including a response code and a message explaining the reason for the error.

Generic API Codes

The following response code pattern applies across all CleverTap API requests:

2xx Success Codes

2xx codes indicate that the request was successfully processed. The following are the most common 2xx status codes:

Status CodeTextDescription
200OKThe proposal has been successfully processed.
201CreatedThe request has been fulfilled, creating one or more new resources.
202AcceptedThe request has been received for processing but has yet to be completed.
204No ContentThe server has successfully fulfilled the request, and there is no additional content to send in the response payload body.

4xx Client Error Codes

4xx codes indicate an error in either the request or the data. The following are the most common 4xx status codes:

Status CodeTextDescription
400Bad RequestInvalid parameter passed.
401UnauthorizedInvalid credentials or URL.
403ForbiddenOperation is not allowed.
404Not FoundThe resource does not exist or cannot be found.
405Method Not AllowedThe server knows the request method but is not supported by the target resource.
409ConflictResource already exists.
429Too Many RequestsAPI Request limit exceeded

5xx Server Error Codes

5xx codes indicate that there was an internal error with the server. The following are the most common 5xx status codes:

Status CodeTextDescription
500Internal Server ErrorAn error within the API.
503Service UnavailableThe system is unavailable. Try again later.

For more details on the REST API error codes, refer to REST API documentation.

API Specific Error Codes

  • 509 - Event name mandatory
  • 512 - Invalid event structure
  • 513 - Raised a restricted system event
  • 522 - Event properties limit exceeded
  • 523 - Missing identity
  • 524 - Data neither event nor profile
  • 525 - Timestamp not in UNIX epoch format
  • 526 - objectId invalid
  • 528 - Discarded event is raised.
  • 555 - Miscellaneous server error

  • 514 - Gender invalid
  • 515 - Email invalid
  • 516 - Phone number invalid
  • 517 - Employment status invalid
  • 518 - Education status invalid
  • 519 - Marital status invalid
  • 520 - Age invalid
  • 523 - Missing identity
  • 524 - Data neither event nor profile
  • 525 - Timestamp not an epoch
  • 526 - objectId invalid
  • 555 - Miscellaneous server error

  • 530 - Invalid ‘objectId’
  • 531 - Invalid token data
  • 532 - Token ‘id’ is not present
  • 533 - Token ‘type’ is not present
  • 534 - Token ‘type’ is not valid for ‘objectId’
  • 535 - Invalid token data