CleverTap helps to track your app installs via AppsFlyer. This integration requires changes to both your Android and iOS app for successful integration:

Step 1: Add CleverTap Credentials to AppsFlyer Dashboard

On your AppsFlyer dashboard, select Integrated Partners and search for CleverTap.

Enter your Account Details such as CleverTap Account ID, Account Passcode, and Account Token(available in the CleverTap Settings dashboard).

Check Enable and Save. All AppsFlyer parameters will now be sent to CleverTap.

Step 2: Integration

Android App
If you haven't already integrated AppsFlyer, you will first need to follow this guide.

In your Android app, open the file where you have added your AppsFlyer integration. Add the following code below it.

SDK version 4.2.0 and above

The getCleverTapAttributionIdentifier method is deprecated for CleverTap Android SDKs version 4.2.0 and above. Use the new getCleverTapID method to get the CleverTap ID on the OnInitCleverTapIDListener to set CustomerUserId method of AppsFlyer.

cleverTapInstance.getCleverTapID(new OnInitCleverTapIDListener() {
   public void onInitCleverTapID(final String cleverTapID) {
       // Callback on main thread
cleverTapInstance?.getCleverTapID {
  // Callback on main thread

SDK version 4.1.1 and below

String attributionID = cleverTapInstance.getCleverTapAttributionIdentifier();


iOS App
In your iOS app code, add the following code:

[CleverTap autoIntegrate];
[[AppsFlyerTracker sharedTracker] setCustomerUserID:[[CleverTap sharedInstance] profileGetCleverTapAttributionIdentifier]];

React-Native App
In your React-Native App, add the following code:

CleverTap.profileGetCleverTapAttributionIdentifier((err, res) => { 

const userId = res;

appsFlyer.setCustomerUserId(userId, (response) => {   

//.. });


Step 3: View Data in Dashboard

After you integrate, AppsFlyer will push data into your CleverTap dashboard. You can view it under event UTM Visited filtered by event property, UTM_source, UTM_medium or UTM_campaign.


CleverTap accepts only non-organic installs from Appsflyer.

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