Settings API

These APIs allow you to both fetch data about dashboard settings and also allow you to set up/update existing dashboard settings.

Subscription Groups

You can use this API to get the list of all subscription groups created on the dashboard

Base Method

Here is an example base URL from the account in the India region:


Refer Region for more details.

HTTP Method



Refer Headers for more details.

Example Response

//response will be in the below format
   "list": [
           "name": "Newsletter",
           "key": 1,
           "description": "Newslettter",
           "channels": [
           "updated_on": 1597812749,
           "created_on": 1597812749
           "name": "Product Updates",
           "key": 2,
           "description": "Product Updates",
           "channels": [
           "updated_on": 1597826038,
           "created_on": 1597826038
   "status": "success"

To understand the common queries and concerns related to CleverTap APIs, refer to API FAQs.