React Native SDK

Install and Integrate

  1. Install using npm install --save clevertap-react-native.
  2. Follow the installation instructions.
  3. Follow the integration instructions.

Example Usage

Grab a reference

Create a CleverTap reference to use Javascript methods

const CleverTap = require('clevertap-react-native');

Record an event

Method to push an event to CleverTap


Update a user profile

Method to push user profile to CleverTap

CleverTap.onUserLogin({'Name': 'testUserA1', 'Identity': '123456', 'Email': '[email protected]', 'custom1': 123});

Implementation setLocation

Method to pass user location information to CleverTap

CleverTap.setLocation(34.15, -118.20);

Create a Notification Channel

Method to create Notification Channels in Android


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React Native SDK

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