React Native

Learn how to install and integrate your app with React Native SDK.


React Native (RN) is a popular JavaScript-based mobile app framework. The framework lets you create an application for various platforms using the same codebase for native apps for iOS and Android platforms. CleverTap supports integrating your app with React Native and making the most of both platforms.

Before getting started, refer to React Native Quick Start Guide for more details.


Ensure you have the following prerequisites to integrate CleverTap React Native SDK with your app:

  • CleverTap account
  • React Native Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as VS Code, Atom, WebStorm
  • Android Studio IDE
  • Apple Xcode IDE

Supported Versions

  • The recommended version of CleverTap React Native SDK is 1.1.0 for Android 13 and above.
  • The recommended version of CleverTap React Native SDK is 0.9.6 for Android 12 and below.
  • The supported React version is 17.0.2 or above and below 18.0.0.
  • The supported React Native version is 0.49.5 and above and below 1.0.0.

React Native SDK Size

Refer to the following table for React Native SDK versions and React Native SDK code size:

SDKVersionCode Size
React Native1.1.0Bundle Size (MINIFIED + GZIPPED) = 2 KB
Unpacked Size = 14.5 MB

Integrate the React Native SDK

Refer to our quick start guide to get started with the React Native integration:

React Native SDK Resources

The following table lists all the React Native SDK resources:

Sample ApplicationProvides a sample application to demonstrate the integration of our React Native SDK.
Advanced FeaturesProvides all the advanced features related to React Native SDK.
Go Live Checklist Provides a list of actions to be performed before you launch your application.
ChangelogProvides details about most recent updates to our SDKs, including bug fixes, new features, and enhancements.

Additional Reference

Refer to the following for additional React Native SDK references: