Unity SDK

Learn how to install and integrate your app with Unity SDK.


CleverTap provides a Unity Plugin that enables app developers to track, segment, and engage their users.


Ensure you have the following prerequisites to start the Unity integration:

  • CleverTap account
  • Apple Xcode IDE
  • CleverTap account
  • Android Studio
UnityEnsure you have the latest version of Unity, v2022.2.13f1 or higher, from the Unity website.

Supported Versions

The CleverTap Unity SDK version 2.4.0 supports Unity v2022.2.13f1.

Unity SDK Versions and Size

Refer to the following table for Unity SDK versions and Unity SDK code sizes:

SDKVersionCode Size
CleverTap Unity SDKv3.1.04.3 MB

Integrate the Unity SDK

Refer to our quick start guide to get started with the Unity integration:

Unity SDK Resources

The following table lists all the Unity SDK resources:

Unity GitHub RepositoryProvides all the resources required to integrate CleverTap Unity SDK.
Sample ApplicationProvides a sample application to demonstrate the integration of our Unity SDK.
Unity Advanced FeaturesProvides all the advanced features related to Unity.
Go Live Checklist Provides a list of actions to be performed before you launch your application.
ChangelogProvides details about the most recent updates to our SDKs, including bug fixes, new features, and enhancements.

Additional Reference

Refer to the following for additional Unity SDK references.