CleverTap IP Ranges


In an organization, secure communication is essential in transferring confidential data. Using authorized Internet Protocols (IPs) helps to send trusted traffic through your network.

CleverTap's IP ranges provide high availability to our customers, and authorizing these IPs provides a seamless user experience by avoiding service disruptions.

We recommend you revisit this page regularly to check the IP ranges and addresses that may be added or removed in the future.

IP Ranges

CleverTap uses IP ranges based on the data center regions to avoid service disruptions starting from November 15, 2021.

The following table lists the IP ranges for your data center regions to enable seamless and secure communication:


IP Whitelisting

Users must whitelist all the IP addresses listed against each region to ensure network connectivity.

RegionIP Range
Europe (eu1) including and
India (in1) including and
Singapore (sg1) including and
United States (us1) including and
Indonesia (aps3) including and
Middle East (UAE) (mec1) including and

For more information on data center regions, refer to Configuration Guide for CleverTap Regions.