CleverTap IP Ranges


We understand our customers need secure communication. Authorizing selected IPs allows only trusted traffic through your network. CleverTap's IP ranges provide high availability to our customers, and authorizing these IPs will help have a seamless experience.

We recommend revisiting this page regularly to check the IP ranges and addresses that may be added or removed in the future.

IP Ranges

Add the following IP ranges to the safe list to enable seamless and secure communication:

  • Europe Region (eu1): (range from to
  • India Region (in1): (range from to
  • Singapore Region (sg1): (range from to
  • US Region (us1): (range from to


Current IP range

As of November 15, 2021, CleverTap uses an IP range based on the CleverTap server regions.

Legacy IP Addresses

We recommend using the IP ranges for high availability and avoiding any service disruptions.

The following are the legacy IP addresses:



Sunsetting Legacy IPs

Although the previous IP addresses are still active, they will be sunset soon.