July 2023

We are excited to share the July SDK changelog for our product!



Click each SDK header to view the corresponding GitHub repository for release details.

July 28

  • Fixed the empty App Inbox notification bug.

  • Fixed the bug related to updating the WZRK_G on onUserLogin.
  • Updated the WZRK_G cookie expiry to 1 year.

July 17

New Feature

  • Added support for CleverTap Android SDK v5.1.0.
  • Added support for CleverTap iOS SDK v5.1.1.
  • Added support for notification click handling when the app is terminated or killed. The CleverTap plugin provides the following two ways to handle user interactions with notifications, depending on whether the app needs to perform UI or non-UI operations:
    • Use CleverTapPlugin.getAppLaunchNotification() to perform UI-impacting operations such as redirecting the user to a specific page.
    • Use CleverTapPlugin.onKilledStateNotificationClicked(_onKilledStateNotificationClickedHandler) to perform non-UI operations such as performing HTTP requests, IO operations with local storage, and so on. For more information on handling notifications properly, refer to Notification Click Handling.
  • Android Platform
    • Added support for developer-defined default notification channel. For more information about setting up a default channel in your app, refer to the Usage.md file.



      This feature is only supported for CleverTap core notifications. Support for push templates will be released soon.


  • Added support to the CleverTapPlugin.createNotification(data) API for rendering push template notifications and handling VoIP push for the Signed Call SDK.


  • iOS Platform
    • Fixed Cocoapods generated duplicate UUIDs warnings.
    • Mitigated potential App Inbox errors.
  • Android Platform
    • Fixed #428 Race-condition when detecting whether an In-App message should appear.
    • Fixed Push primer alert dialog freeze behavior, which became unresponsive when clicked outside the window.

July 13

  • Fixed Cocoapods generated duplicate UUIDs warnings.

July 8

  • Added support to store Web Inbox messages per user.