KaiOS SDK QuickStart Guide


You can install KaiOS in two ways:

  • Copy clevertap.js/clevertap.min.js directly into your FireFox app js directory and load in a script tag in your index.html:
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/libs/clevertap.js" defer></script>
  • Install via npm npm install clevertap-fxos --save and require/import the module:
var clevertap = require('clevertap-fxos');

Generate VAPID keys

To get started, you must generate VAPID keys using one of the following methods:

  • Using npm package name web-push (recommended).
  • You can also use VAPID keys generated for Chrome web push in a Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) account. For more information, refer to VAPID Protocol.


VAPID Keys Valid for Chrome, Firefox, and KaiOS Web Push

The same VAPID keys are valid for Chrome, Firefox, and as well as KaiOS push.

Paste VAPID Keys in CleverTap

After you get the VAPID keys, perform the following steps:

  1. In the CleverTap dashboard, navigate to Settings > Engage > Channels > Web Push.
  2. Under the KaiOS Web Push section, add your generated VAPID public and private key pairs.
  3. Click Save.

Add Push Endpoint and VAPID Public/Private Key Pairs

Add Mandatory Permissions

Add the following permissions to the app-manifest:

"systemXHR": {
    "description": "Required to load remote content"
  "serviceworker": {
    "description": "Needed for associating service worker"
  "desktop-notification": {
    "description": "Required for displaying alerts when app is on background"
  "push": {
    "description": "To receive notifications"

Initialize the CleverTap SDK

To initialize the CleverTap SDK, use the following which is required to pass your CleverTap account ID:

clevertap.setLogLevel(clevertap.logLevels.DEBUG); // optional

clevertap.setAppVersion("1.0.0"); // optional

clevertap.init("WWW-WWW-WWRZ","in1"); // required, pass your CleverTap Account ID



The value for a region is based on the data center selected for the project with which the SDK is being integrated.

The values are as follows:

  • India: in1
  • Singapore: sg1
  • South Korea: sk1
  • U.S.: us1
  • Indonesia: aps3
  • Middle East (UAE): mec1