Sender ID in Manifest File

Specify the Sender ID in manifest.json File

This section is applicable to Chrome and Firefox browsers.


Legacy Protocol

This step is only required if you are using the legacy protocol.

To register the service worker and subscribe for push notifications, you need to specify your sender ID inside a website manifest file.

If your website already has a manifest, add the following property to it. Your sender ID is your FCM project number (12-digit number)—not your API key.

  "gcm_sender_id": "YOUR_SENDER_ID"

If you do not have a manifest file yet, create a new file called manifest.json and add it in the document root of your website. Ensure that you specify the "name" and "gcm_sender_id" parameters where "name" is the name of your brand (e.g. Acme Fashion).

Here is a sample manifest.json file:

  "name": "Acme Fashion | Latest in fashion world",
  "gcm_sender_id": "1234567890" // replace with actual value

Then in all your HTML files, include the snippet below in the header:

  <link rel="manifest" href="/manifest.json">