React Native User Profiles

Understand how to update user profiles with React Native.

User Profiles

Update User Profile(Push Profile)

CleverTap.profileSet({"Identity":11102008, "Name":"React-Test Profile","Email":"[email protected]","Gender":"Male","DOB":"1995-10-14", "custom":1.73});

Set Multi Values For Key

CleverTap.profileSetMultiValuesForKey(['a', 'b', 'c'], 'letters');

Remove Multi Value For Key

CleverTap.profileRemoveMultiValueForKey('b', 'letters');

Add Multi Value For Key

CleverTap.profileAddMultiValueForKey('d', 'letters');

Create a User profile when user logs in (On User Login)

CleverTap.onUserLogin({'Name': 'React-Test', 'Identity': '11102008', 'Email': '[email protected]', 'custom1': 43});

Get CleverTap Reference id

CleverTap.profileGetCleverTapID((err, res) => {
         console.log('CleverTapID', res, err);

Set Location to User Profile

CleverTap.setLocation(34.15, -118.20);

Increment a User Profile property

CleverTap.profileIncrementValueForKey(1, "score");

Decrement a User Profile property

CleverTap.profileDecrementValueForKey(1, "score");

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