Campaign API

CleverTap campaigns enable you to communicate with your users at scale. For example, you can set up a campaign to send a push notification with a discount code to users who have viewed a certain product.

Here are the API endpoints available to interact with the campaign object:

  • Create Campaign API
    The Create Campaign API lets you create campaigns in CleverTap. For example, you can use this endpoint to send a push notification to a specific set of users based on their past behaviour in the app. You can also target your campaigns based on segments that match user profile properties you define.
  • Stop Campaign API
    The Stop Campaign API enables you to stop scheduled/running campaigns.
  • Get Campaign Report API
    The Get Campaign Report API lets you get performance metrics about a specific campaign.
  • Get Campaigns API
    The Get Campaigns API lets you get a list of campaigns created using the API.

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Campaign API

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